Hello! Good morning! With this post begins a series of publications dedicated to the trends of this new season. Instead of telling in a general way what we will see or have already started to see in the shops, I want to go little by little talking about the trends by categories, to create a mini guide and at the same time give ideas of looks.

As far as coats and jackets are concerned, this season we find a great variety of fabrics, shapes and prints.


  • Wool Coats

    They are a classic that should never be missed in our wardrobe. These coats are very versatile, as they combine with shoes and casual clothes, as well as elegant and office garments.
    Above all we will see them in an oversized key, masculine style, carved, tied to the body as a batin or military inspiration.
    As for the colours, along with the classics such as: black, navy blue, camel or grey, there are others such as khaki, burgundy and powerful colours such as mustard or fuchsia.
    In addition to plain, this season they will wear a lot of prints such as: checkers, crow’s feet or leopard.


Tally Weijl, Boden,  Mango


  • Parkas

    Parkas are still very present like every winter, with standard lining or in a warm key with sheepskin lining.
    This season they present a carved or oversized shape. In terms of colors, the classic khaki stands out, the color of the parkas par excellence, along with other classic colors such as black, navy or burgundy. In addition, they can present details such as appliqués or embroidery.


Mango, Taifun, H&M


  • Quilted Jackets/ Coats

    When we think of the coldest days of winter, we quickly think of a quilted jacket or coat to keep us as warm as possible.
    As always, there are short or long alternatives, but if anything stands out from this type of jacket this season, it is its oversized or wide format, its classic or asymmetrical or unstructured shapes and its neutral or striking colors such as red, yellow, fuchsia, bluish, etc….


H&M, Mango, Mango


  • Capes

    Capes present a different alternative to jackets. We find them in different styles and fabrics, from suede or cloth with a sophisticated design, to wool or cotton resembling a poncho.


Asos, Topshop, Zara


  • Bomber Jackets

    In summer we see them in light fabrics, and in winter lined with sheepskin, hooded or padded.
    In terms of colors, we see the classic khaki, also present Bén in parkas, the Bordeaux, one of this year’s fashionable colors, which was also last year, and the pink makeup, also rescued from last year, since in the summer was more predominant a paler rose or chewing gum.


H&M, Tally Weijl, H&M


  • Leather

    Leather jackets are present all year round, especially during the off-season, it is a basic wardrobe whose fetish color is black, but now we see that red, also in these garments, comes stepping hard.
    The style in which we will most often see them will be the biker or biker, which incorporates details such as hair, embroidery or tack.


H&M, Tally Weijl, Topshop


  • Shearling Coats/ Jackets

    The shearling coats and jackets are a classic that come and go with more or less strength. This year they are very present, especially in their biker or biker jacket format, which was inspired by the eighties.



H&M, H&M, Zara


  • Teddy-Bear 

    Teddy-bear like coats and jackets not only keeps us warm in the winter, but is booming this season. We see it in all kinds and types: moto-jackets, coats, cardigans, hoodies,….


H&M, Zara, Topshop


  • Fur

    We have been seeing this type of clothes for some time now, as they are warm and give an extra touch of style and elegance. This year there are all the colors, from the most pastel to other more eye-catching, such as red, the star color of this winter.


Mango, Zara, Mango


  • Trenchcoat

    A classic garment where there are, who doesn’t remember the final scene of Breakfast with diamonds in which the two protagonists wear this garment in the rain? Like the coats of cloth or wool is a stylish and versatile icon garment, as it can be taken to the office as well as walking around the city.
    It is available in classic colours such as camel or beige (colours par excellence of the gabardine or trenchcoat), black, navy blue or brown, but we also see it with prints such as checkered, in colourful colours such as fuchsia or mustard and in different fabrics such as suede.
    As for the design, next to the classic with flaps, two rows of buttons and belt, other more relaxed and informal, less structured forms are interspersed.


Orsay, Stradivarius, Orsay



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