Good morning! With this post begins a series of publications dedicated to the trends of this new season. Instead of telling in a general way what we will see or have already started to see in the shops, I want to go little by little talking about the trends by categories, to create a mini guide and at the same time give ideas of looks.

As far as coats and jackets are concerned, this season we find a great variety of fabrics, shapes and prints. As for fabrics, we see such as: wool, tweed, leather, suede or corduroy. Continuing with the prints, the trend is set by: animal prints, especially leopard and snake, checkers , houndstooth and camouflage.


  • Coats

    They are the classic winter garment par excellence.

    We have, on the one hand, the classic wool coats, a wardrobe basic, no doubt, as they are very versatile, as they can be combined with both shoes and casual clothing, as well as elegant and office garments. This year we see them in wrap style, tied at the waist with a belt; with double button line, in a military style, or with a hood. As for colors, we see the neutral (white, black, navy blue, camel, beige, gray, …), along with others such as mustard, red or garnet. Continuing with the prints, we see them in the star prints of this season: checks, animal print and houndstooth among others.
    In addition to the wool coats, we find them made of fur, suede, shearling, or tweed.


Esprit/ H&M/ ZaraZara/ Zara

H&M/ Bershka/ Zara/ Stradivarius/ Zara






  • Parkas

    The parkas continue being very present like every winter, with standard lining or in warm key with fleece.
    This season they have a fitted or wide shape. As for the colours, the classic khaki stands out, the colour of the parkas par excellence, together with other classic colours such as black or navy blue.


H&M/ Mango/ Zara




  • Quilted Jackets/ Coats

    When we think of the coldest days of winter, we quickly think of a jacket or a quilted coat to keep us as warm as possible.
    As always, there are those we see in short or long models, with a small or large quilt, more oversized or more fitted.

H&M/ Stradivarius/ Pull&Bear

Mango/ H&M/ Esprit





  • Bomber Jackets

    We are going to see this type of jackets this year, but in a different way: in a multitude of fabrics, prints and colors. As we can see below, we can find them in wool, suede, leather, sport fabric, vinyl, etc. … Another trend we see in this garment, which comes back directly from the ’90s, is the so-called color block, blocks of different colors. In addition, we find them with prints like: checkers, animal print or camouflage.

Bershka/ Zara/ Uterque




  • Biker Jackets

    Bike-type jackets are present in our wardrobes all year round, especially in the mid-season, such as autumn and spring, or in the winter as a layer under the coat. This year we see them of all kinds, both the classic black short leather, as its version in suede or a little longer and with fleece lining. In addition, the animal print, which we are going to see so much this season, also takes over this type of garment.


H&M/ Zara/ Zara/ Pull&Bear

H&M/ Zara/ Bershka/ Stradivarius






  • More Jackets

In addition to the above named jackets, we find this garment in different shapes, styles, and fabrics: from lighter for the mid season, as stronger for the winter. It is worth mentioning the return of the corduroy as one of the star trends this season. Moreover, we can see: fur jackets, utility jackets, wool jackets, teddy-bear style jackets or tweed ones. As prints include camouflage, checks, animal print or houndstooth.

Stradivarius/ Mango/ H&M

Zara/ Zara/ Uterque




  • Trench Coats

    A classic garment ever, who does not remember the final scene of Breakfast with diamonds in which the two protagonists wear this garment in the rain? Like wool coats, it is a basic garment, elegant and versatile, as it can be worn both to the office and to the city.
    They are available this year in classic colours such as camel, beige, sand or natural (classic colours of the raincoat), but also in black, navy blue or brown.
    In terms of design, in addition to the classic design with flaps interspersed with two rows of buttons and belt, there are others that are more relaxed and informal and less structured.


Mango/ H&M/ H&M/ Zara






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