Good morning! With this post begins a series of publications dedicated to the trends of this new season. Instead of telling in a general way what we will see or have already started to see in the shops, I want to go little by little talking about the trends by categories, to create a mini guide.

As far as shoes and boots are concerned, this season we find a great variety of shapes and lengths.



  • Mules

Mango,     Mango,    H&M,    Zara



  • Flats

About you,   H&M,   Heine,   H&M



  • Loafers

Zara,    H&M,    Mango,    Deichmann,    H&M



  • Lace-up Shoes/ Oxford Shoes/ Brogues

Deichmann,    H&M,    Deichmann



  • Pumps

Edited,    Marco TozziZaraAbout youDeichmann

ZaraH&MDeichmannZara,   Zara



  • Sneakers

NikeAdidasH&MAdidas,   Nike



  • Ankle Boots

About you,   A.S. 98,   Zara,   H&M,   Deichmann

Mango,   H&M,   Zara,   H&M,   Zara



  • Lace-up Boots

Tom Tailor,   Mustang,    Dr. Martens,    H&M

Tom Tailor,     Deichmann,    H&M,     Deichmann



  • Sock-boots

Tommy Jeans,    Deichmann,     Zara,     Mango


  • Midi Boots

Mango Zara,    H&M,    H&M,     Zara


  • Over-the-knee Boots

H&M,     H&M,    Mango



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