Good morning! In today’s post I bring you several outfits, for summer  inspired by Jeanne Damas, French model and designer of the firm Rouje.

She has a French style, worth the round, simple and natural, yet elegant. The main pieces of his wardrobe are: blazers, dresses, blouses, jeans and pumps. Her hairstyle is simple, following the efortless style, slightly wavy and disheveled. Her makeup is very natural, leaving all the protagonism to red lips.



  • Dress

Dress, Sandals, Bag, Necklace


Dress, Sandals,  Bag,  Necklace


Dress, Espadrilles, Bag, Necklace, Earrings


Dress, Pumps, Bag, Necklace


Dress, Pumps, Bag, Necklace, Sunglasses


Dress/Vestido, Heels, Bag/o, Necklace/Collar


Dress/Vestido, Sandals/Sandalias, Clutch, Necklace/Collar, Earrings/Pendientes


Dress/Vestido, Loafers/Mocasines, Bag/Bolso, Earrings/Pendientes



  • Skirt

Top, Denim Skirt/Falda vaquera, Pumps/Zapatos, Bag/Bolso, Necklace/Collar


Top, Skirt/Falda, Espadrilles/Alpargatas, Bag/Bolso, Necklace/Collar, Earrings/Pendientes

T-shirt/Camiseta, Skirt/Falda, Sandals/Sandalias, Bag/Bolso, Necklace/Collar


Bodysuit/Body, Skirt/Falda, Sandals/Sandalias, Bag/Bolso, Necklace/Collar



  • Blouse and Pants

Blouse/Blusa, Pants/Pantalones, Pumps/Zapatos de salón, Bag/Bolso, Earrings/Pendientes



  • Blouse and Jeans

Blouse/Blusa, Jeans/Vaqueros, Pumps/Zapatos de tacón, Bag/Bolso


Blouse/Blusa, Mom Jeans/ Vaqueros Mom, Sandals/ Sandalias, Bag/Bolso, Necklace/Collar


  • Denim Total Look

Denim Overall/ Mono Vaquero, Pumps/ Zapatos de tacón, Bag/Bolso, Earrings/Pendientes, Necklace/Collar



  • Blazer and Jeans

Top, Jeans/Vaqueros, Pumps/Zapatos, Bag/Bolso, Blazer/Americana, Earrings/Pendientes



Blazer/Americana, T-shirt/Camiseta, Jeans/Vaqueros, Pumps/Zapatos de salón, Bag/Bolso, Necklace/Collar


Blazer/Chaqueta, Jeans/Vaqueros, Sandals/Sandalias, Bag/Bolso, Sunglasses/Gafas de sol



*The featured Image belongs to Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)



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