Good morning! In today’s post, I have created several outfits inspired by Jeanne Damas, French model and designer of the firm Rouje.

She has a French style, worth the round, simple and natural, yet elegant. The main pieces of his wardrobe are: coats and jackets, jeans and heels. Her hairstyle is simple, following the efortless style, slightly wavy and disheveled. Her makeup is very natural, leaving all the protagonism to red lips.


  • Sweater and Jeans


Black Long Coat, Sweater, Jeans, Ankle Boots, Bag



Grey Checked Coat, Sweater, Jeans, Ankle Boots, Bag, Necklace



Grey Coat, Black Sweater, Jeans, Cognac Ankle Boots, Black Clutch



Black Coat, Navy Sweater, Brown Ankle Boots, Jeans, Bag



Fur Jacket, Sweater, Jeans, Brown Ankle Boots, Bag


Grey JacketBlack Sweater, Jeans, Black Ankle-Boots, Brown Bag


Grey Wool Jacket, Black Sweater, Jeans, Ankle Boots, Clutch



Navy Wool Jacket, Sweater, Jeans, Ankle Boots, Bag


  • Sweater and Pencil Skirt


Grey Coat, Pink Sweater, Grey Pencil Skirt, Brown Pumps, Brown Bag



  • Knit Dress


Checked Coat, Grey Knit Dress, Over-the-Knee-Boots, Bag



Winter Blazer, Knit Dress, Ankle Boots, Bag, Belt, Necklace



  • Pant- Suit

Black Velvet Blazer, Black Velvet Pants, Golden Sandals,Gold Necklace



  • Blouse and Shirt

Jacket, Shirt, Jeans, Golden Sandals, Clutch



Coat, Shirt, Jeans, Pumps, Bag



White Blouse, Black Jeans, Black Heels, Red Bag



Black BlouseJeans, Golden Pumps, Black Bag



Blouse, Trousers, Heels


White Blouse,Jeans, Red Heels, Red Bag



  • Top

Black Coat, White Top, Jeans, White Pumps, White Bag



Black Blazer, Top, Jeans, Golden Sandals, Crossbody-Bag



Blazer, Top, Black Jeans, Black Sandals, Black Clutch



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