Graphic sweatshirt, Jeans, Sneakers, Camel corduroy blazer, Shoulder bag


Good morning! For today I present you another comfortable look, and all terrain for these days of autumn.

First of all we have a white sweatshirt with a message. For some time now we’ve been seeing t-shirts, whether long or short-sleeved, or sweatshirts, as in this case, with a logo, a word or a phrase, which adds a different and original touch to these basic garments. Where there is a sweatshirt, good jeans cannot be missing, in this case a high waist and straight cut, a basic inspiration of the nineties.

As for footwear, the most comfortable option: a pair of slippers, another classic, but with a plus: ones that reach the ankle and have a light beige tone.

As a warm garment, one of the new hits of this autumn: a corduroy jacket. This garment is another classic, but in a different way, as it is made of corduroy, a fabric that we see everywhere this fall, and has a fitted cut, and double buttoning, which gives it a modern touch.

Finally, I’ve added a brown leather shoulder bag, or crossed shoulder bag, which combines very well with the colors of the rest of the elements.



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