Camel coat, black bodysuit, black jeans, black moto jacket, leopard print booties, black bag, silver earrings


Good morning! In these first days of January when it is very cold, around 0°C, it is essential for us to keep warm and cozy and comfortable clothes. That’s why today’s look proposal consists of superimposing several layers of clothing, but so that the result is stylish and elegant, making this look suitable for going to work, if your dress code at work is not very formal, for your daily tasks, or even to meet friends to drink beer after work.

First, I have combined a black buttoned blouse – bodysuit with a pair of black high waist jeans.

Then, we have a biker leather jacket, which gives a rock touch to the look.  If you want to, you could easily change the jacket for a knit jacket.

To make the look more typical of the season in which we are, I have chosen a wool coat in camel ton, which will give the point of light and color to the look along with the boots.

As far as footwear is concerned, I’ve opted for leopard print boots, which are perfect for everyday wear as well as neat looks.

Finally, we have a black bag and some silver hoop earrings.

I hope you like today’s look and I inspire you for your warmest looks this season.



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