Buttoned ribbed sweater, Printed maxi skirt, Black sock-boots, Black bag, Earrings


Good morning! Today I present to you again a look for this season between winter and spring, inspired by the nineties.
For that decade, long printed skirts, crop-tops, tops, dresses and buttoned skirts from top to bottom, mom jeans,… so it’s just a coincidence, or simply the fashion circle, that all those garments are back.
In this look, we have a black sweater buttoned from top to bottom made of ribbed fabric, very 90’s as well. This type of sweaters, apart from being booming right now, go with everything, with a long skirt as we see here, or simply with high waist jeans. Since the fabric is neither too thick nor too thin, it is perfect for this time of year or late summer/early fall.
I’ve combined it with a long printed skirt in shades of brown and black, black sock-type boots with heels, a black bag to wear crossed or hung from the shoulder, and ring earrings with pendants in a bronze tone.
Well, this is a pre-primary look for the day to day or informal weekend plans such as going to the movies, or meeting for coffee for example.



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