Polka-dot shirt, Flare jeans, White blazer, Flats, Handbag, Earrigs, Belt


Good morning! Today I bring you a perfect look for spring with a white shirt with a polka dots print.
First of all we have a white polka dots shirt. Polka dots are everywhere again, as they were last year. A shirt with this print, as in this case, takes the formality out of the garment, while giving it a different and modern touch. In this case I have combined it with a pair of high waisted jeans, lightly flared on the bottom, which gradually return to our wardrobes, competing with the so wearable pitillos.

I have added a white blazer, classic cut, neither too long nor too short, with a button. If you opt for this garment in black, it would be just as good.

As footwear, I have opted for open flat shoes, finished at the tip. For the day to day they are comfortable at the same time that they dress, but for going out, for example, it could be substituted without problems by a few shoes of lounge.

As for accessories, I have chosen a white handbag, silver earrings with pendant, and a black belt.

This look is perfect for everyday, for meetings, rallies or to go to work, if you can do it with jeans, or for an appointment or lunch.



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