Graphic t-shirt, Black jeans, Black Flats, Black Cardigan, Black bag


Good morning! Today I propose a grey and black look for those autumn days when it’s getting a little cold, especially in the mornings and at dusk. This look is comfortable, modern and has style. It is perfect for those dates with friends, for example, or outings, in which we want to go a bit arranged, but with a practical look and all terrain.

On the one hand, we have a thin sweater, fitted with a round neck, which is a basic garment in winter, since we can wear it alone, or under other sweaters thicker and wider, or, as in this case, a knit jacket or wool.

I’ve combined the jersey with black jeans with high draught, which are good for informal looks with a sweatshirt, for example, even with a top or elegant blouse to go out for a party.

As far as footwear is concerned, I’ve opted for black flat shoes, open and pointed, which are ideal for the situations I’ve described above, because they’re flat and comfortable, but when they’re pointed, they give a certain elegant touch to the look.

As an accessory, we have a black bag with chain, decorated with metallic studs, which can be worn either by hand or hanging, and gives a sugar cane point to the look.



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