Good morning! Today I will talk about patchwork printing, or the mixing of different patterns in the same garment or accessory. Rescued from the nineties, it’s going to be one of the trends we see most this season. We will see it in all types of clothing and accessories, from dresses to hair bands. Although it is not a discreet print, we can achieve a stylish and not excessively striking result, if we give it all the prominence and leave the rest as simple as possible. In addition, the patchwork effect gives us a lot of room to dress, since we only have to choose the other elements of our look in one or several shades of the prints that appear on it. This print will bring an original and different touch to our autumn looks.




Free People




Below I bring you two looks for the mid-season between summer and autumn, with two patchwork print midi dresses: one dressed up with high heels; and one more casual with high boots and denim jacket.


Dress, Pumps, Bag



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Dress, Boots, Denim Jacket, Bag



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