Good morning! Well, it’s that time of year again: tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Although it is true that we have to show love and affection to the people we love every day, we can use this day to do something different and special with our partner, to get out of the routine.

In today’s post I bring you several looks with red coats for different occasions. I chose this garment because red is the color of love, as well as being one of the colors of the season. I have used two coats of different fabrics, shapes and styles: a classic and fitted one with a row of buttons and made of wool, and an oversized one with double buttoning.

However, whether you celebrate this day or not, you can take ideas when combining this type of coats.



  • Casual Date

Red coat, Embroidered sweatshirt, Skinny Jeans, Black ankle boots, Black crossbody-bag, Gold hoop earrings



  • Workwear

Red coat, Black turtleneck, Black pants, Black heels, Black tote bag, Pendant necklace, Hoop earrings



  • Going for drinks

Red coat, White shirt, Black skinny jeans, Black ankle boots, Black chain bag, Hoop earrings



  • Dressy Dinner

Red coat, Black dress, Black heels, Black clutch, Gold long earrings




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