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Outfit of the Day: A grey maxi skirt

Black blazer, Grey sweater, Grey skirt, Black lace-up heels, Red backpack, Silver necklace, Silver earrings


Good morning! Today I propose you a daily look that is perfect for the end of winter, or for the transition period between winter and spring, when it’s still cold, but not too cold and you can wear light jackets instead thick ones.

That’s why, as a warm garment I have chosen a slightly thick blazer, but a wool coat with a masculine cut, not too long, would be just as good.

As a top, we have a striped wool sweater in grey tones, neither too long nor too short. I’ve combined it with a long skirt also in grey, comfortable for everyday life.

Moreover, I’ve added shoes with wide heels and black laces, inspired in the nineties.

To complete the look, I’ve chosen a red leather backpack and a silver necklace with pendant, matching the earrings.



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