Category: Winter

  • Outfit of the Day: Cozy Pullover

    Outfit of the Day: Cozy Pullover

    Good morning! Today I propose you a casual, comfortable and warm look for these cold winter days. This look features a jacquard print pullover in camel. Although the heyday of these jumpers come and go, the truth is that it is a winter classical. I’ve combined it with straight ankle jeans, a shearling biker jacket…

  • Green Winter

    Green Winter

    When we think of winter, or simply look out of the window these days, the color green does not come to mind, but rather the white of snow or gray, of fog, of cloudy days, of mist, rain or wind. However, now in February, we think of the end of winter, the end of the…

  • Two Winter Looks with Baggy Pants

    Two Winter Looks with Baggy Pants

    Baggy trousers became fashionable in hip-hop culture in the 1990s, worn mainly by men. They are said to have originated from a practice in US prisons, where the first thing new inmates would do was remove their belts. The belts could be used by inmates to hang themselves or start fights, causing the trousers to…

  • 4 Winter Outfits with leather effect Leggins

    In these cold winter days, in some places also snowy, in which many of you will surely work from home, we need to wear comfortable and warm clothes that we can also use to go out to buy bread or to go for a walk on the weekend, or even for a date with our…

  • 4 Outfits for Valentine’s Day with Red Coats

    Bershka   Good morning! Well, it’s that time of year again: tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Although it is true that we have to show love and affection to the people we love every day, we can use this day to do something different and special with our partner, to get out of the routine. In…

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