Good morning! Little by little, the temperatures are those of autumn, however they are very fickle and vary throughout the day. A good option so that this variation does not catch us unprepared, is to carry a cardigan or fine knitted jacket in the bag, because they do not take up space and we can put it on and take it off easily. As for warm clothes, a leather jacket or a trenc coat are ideal for these days, even a blazer made of a not very fine fabric. Below are some of the looks I’ve worn over the past week, to which I’ve added a knit cardigan at specific times of the day, such as early in the morning or at night.
I hope you like these outfits, inspire you and give you ideas to wear this fall.



  • Monday

Black long sleeved tee, Grey pants, Grey checked blazer, Black ankle boots, Black shoulder bag


  • Tuesday

Striped tee, Black jeans, Black ankle boots, Brown leather jacket, Black shoulder bag


  • Wednesday

Black and white top, Grey pants, Cognac ankle boots, Biker leather jacket, Cognac Backpack


  • Thursday

Red striped tee, Black jeans, White sneakers, Brown leather jacket, Black bag


  • Friday

Trench coat, Blouse, Jeans, Black ankle boots, Black shoulder bag



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