Black sweater, Velvet coat, Skinny jeans, Black boots, Black bag


Good morning! Well, we are now in the month of November, it is icredible how fast the time has passed since the summer, or at least for me it has been. With this month the cold settles down definitively and with it return the warm pullovers, coats, boots, knit  hats, scarves,…

In today’s look we have a knit sweater, neither too fine nor too thick, a basic garment, which goes with everything, both for the color and the garment itself. We can combine it with jeans, as in this case, or with a printed skirt or dress, or with suit pants, among a thousand possible combinations.

As for footwear, I have opted for lace-up boots with block heels. This type of boots, with laces and heel, more or less wide, come stepping strong, and never better said. As jeans are straws, we can wear them under the boots, or rolled up to the height of the footwear.

As a warm garment, we have a black double-breasted coat made of velvet, which adds an elegant touch to the look. Anyway, a black wool would go just as well with the rest of the garments and accessories.

Finally, a black bag with square shape that we can carry both by hand and hanging from the shoulder.

This is a perfect look to make various arrangements, (or go to work if our work does not require a formal dress), and then go to eat or have a drink with friends, for example.


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