Black sweater, Black jeans, Black Boots, Leopard Coat, Black Bag


Good morning! Now that it’s cold, it’s the time for coats and sweaters. We see coats in this season of many prints, especially checks and animal print, and fabrics, such as wool, a classic, or fur.

In this post, I bring you a wearable look, classic but with a different and current touch. On the one hand, we have a straight cut coat, with a leopard print, very fashionable this year, as I mentioned above. In order not to overload the styling, I have opted to leave the rest of the garments and complements smooth, without print and in a neutral color that appears on the coat: black. In other words, I’ve created a monochrome look in black, with a different, cheerful and “wild” touch given by the coat.

On the other hand, we have a black knit sweater, which combines almost everything, so it’s a key piece to solve the typical “What do I wear?” I’ve added black high waist jeans, lace-up boots with block heels and a clutch.

This look is perfect for when we have to go a bit dressy, but not too much, and not very casual either. It is the case of a dinner, a date, go to the movies, …


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