Welcome to Day 16 of our Style Advent Calendar, where elegance merges with the magic of the night. 🌟In this style look, a midnight blue velvet blazer becomes the centerpiece of an unforgettable nocturnal tale. Accompanied by a black satin top that reflects the darkness of the night and a long navy blue skirt that flows like the tide, this ensemble comes to life in the twilight. Add a touch of charm with camel shoes that gracefully tread, a golden clutch that holds secrets, and hoop earrings that dance to the rhythm of the night. Discover more in our Advent Capsule Wardrobe, where each outfit tells a unique story. πŸŽ„βœ¨ #AdventFashion #Look16 #ChicStyle


Velvet Blazer, Silk Top, Satin Skirt, Camel Heels, Gold Clutch, Hoop Earrings

Advent Capsule Wardrobe


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