Sweater, Straight-leg Jeans, Sling-back Pumps, Bucket-bag, Hoop earrings


Good morning! In these days of September, in which in some places it has already started to cool down, while in others, for example here in Germany, we have returned to summer temperatures although moderate; it is difficult to decide in the mornings what to wear, especially if we have to get up very early. A good option is to opt for a light knit cardigan or sweater, over the summer clothes. In today’s look I propose a red sweater, a trendy color that will brighten up our autumn days. I’ve combined it with high waisted straight-leg  jeans, very popular this season, as they create a feminine silhouette and are very comfy to wear. As far as shoes are concerned, I’ve opted for some sling-back pumps, pointed and with a nude or light beige tone. As accessories, a bucket bag, which can be worn either by hand or hanging from the shoulder, and golden hoop earrings, which go well with everything.

This outfit we can wear in our day to day, for example to go to work if we do not have a formal dress code, or for an appointment in which we want to go comfortable, but dressy too.



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