Biker Jacket, Black sweater, Pink Jeans, Sneakers, Black Backpack


Good morning! For today we have an informal look, for daily or for the weekend, depending on what you do, with pink cigarette jeans.

Normally, we associate or wear pastel or light colors in good weather, in which you want more, leaving the dark shades for fall and winter. But why not also wear light shades during cold months? Call it rebellion or go your own way. It’s a good alternative to change from time to time, to give a twist to our usual winter uniforms.

In this outfit, I’ve combined pink skinny jeans with a black oversized knit sweater.  As a coat, I added a black wool one, with male cut, which goes with everything and brings a different contrast to our styles.

To finish, a pair of white sneakers and a black leather backpack, to add even more comfort, making this look perfect for a thousand and one daily tasks, or for a day of shopping on the weekend, or simply to walk quietly.



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