Knit cardigan, Leopard dress, Beige flats, White handbag


Good morning! At this point in the month of October, it seems that the weather is not clear, because there are days, or rather moments of the day, that look like summer, and others that are typical of the season in which we are. Due to this, it is difficult to decide what to wear, because we will not know if we will get cold or hot. A good option is to wear short or long sleeved tops, blouses or dresses,  and a knit cardigan that we can easily carry in the bag in case we don’t need it.

For today’s look, I propose a long-sleeved dress with midi cut and leopard print, combined in a casual wa in this case, but adding a few heels and a blazer or leather jacket, we can wear it perfectly to go to work or to party, depending on the accessories we use.

I have combined the dress with a chunky knit cardigan in a camel tone, to create a contrast of styles and textures. I’ve added some flat shoes in a light beige, and a white handbag.



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