Baggy trousers became fashionable in hip-hop culture in the 1990s, worn mainly by men. They are said to have originated from a practice in US prisons, where the first thing new inmates would do was remove their belts. The belts could be used by inmates to hang themselves or start fights, causing the trousers to slide down. Later, the fashion became popular in other areas, such as the skateboarding and snowboarding scene.

Baggy describes aptly this cut of trousers. These trousers are baggy, with a normal rise, neither too high nor too low, and a very wide cut in the hips, thighs and calves. As a rule, they are made of denim. However, there are also more elegant versions made of silk, spandex or other flowing fabrics.

In this case, I’ve used a pair of white baggy trousers in corduroy from Zara to create two different looks.


  • With a printed pullover and sneakers.

In this look I’ve combined the baggy trousers with a printed jumper, some leather converse sneakers, a long wool coat in a camel tone, a dark brown bag and a camel felt fedora hat.

Camel coat, printed jumper, baggy pants, sneakers, fedora hat, brown handbag


  • With a turtleneck pullover and ankle boots.

In this case, along with the baggy trousers, I’ve chosen a navy blue wool coat, with a masculine and oversized military cut; a blue jumper with a high neck, camel ankle boots, as well as a fedora hat and a black bag with a golden chain. This outfit is more dressed up than the previous one, but just as comfortable, which is perfect to go to work, to do our daily tasks or for a date with some friends.


Navy blue coat, blue turtleneck pullover, baggy pants, camel booties, brown hat, black bag


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